Need someone to run the BIM process on your next project?
tubes rendered in 3D

BIM is a tool designed to work specifically for your company’s standards and methodologies. 3DESIGNWORX can help you create and maintain a specifically designed BIM program that best works for your company.

As such, we can offer our help by working with you in overseeing your projects from start to finish to ensure that you meet your client’s requirements.

Implementation of BIM – firm-wide

3DESIGNWORX ensures that BIM will be profitable for your company, maximizing the return on investment. We make this possible by analyzing your projects and creating a strategy customized to your requirements.

Implementation of BIM – per project basis

With the help of our professionals, you can ensure that you can save time, be more efficient, and win more during bidding by eliminating the trial-and-error cycle of managing BIM. We will be with you on every project that you choose to partner with us.

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